A day at Sekma

On Thursday 18 of October, SKEMA Business School opened its doors to both classes of ECS 1 and 2 from François Ie high school. During the conference held by SKEMA’s  vice director, we -students and teachers- had the chance to get to know the school a bit better.

SKEMA teaches 8 000 students on its 6 campuses : 3 in France (Lille, Sophia-Antipolis and Paris), one in Suzhou, China, one in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and another in Raleigh, United States. 4 000 of its students attend the Grandes Ecoles’ program. The Grandes Ecoles’ program is divided into 3 years. The first year, also referred to as L3, ambitions to help students to get to know themselves better and also to help them get a better understanding of global issues. The second year, M1 which stands for Master 1, is dedicated to Globalization and professionalization with all courses given in English. During this second year, students are encouraged to study abroad. The last year, M2, is the specialization year : all the students choose the specialty they want to study.

Students at SKEMA also have the possibility to take a gap year -“césure” in French- during which they can put their studies on hold and do internships.

SKEMA’s priority is to train students who will be able to represent the school’s values : being able to adapt to any environment, always innovate and understand multiculturalism. This last value is really important to SKEMA because one of its first assets is internationalism. Indeed, SKEMA makes a point of honour in providing its students with an education opened to a globalized world. In order to do that, they offer not less than 65 associations where students can develop their management skills and fulfill projects and missions abroad.

Yasmine Saouab, student in PREPA ECS 2 at François Ier